Hall Walking Every Wednesday and Friday 10AM – 11AM
What’s this hall walking thing all about? Our church has opened it doors to YOU every Wednesday and Friday from 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM for you to walk our hall! Did you know it is a football field long? It’s climate controlled, you won’t get wet if it rains, you won’t slip because it’s carpeted and it’s a safe place! So put on your walking shoes and start those steps to a healthier you!
Men’s Breakfast, Saturday August 5th at 8:30 AM
It may be hot outside but these guys fellowship inside and boy can they cook and they sure LOVE to eat! But they equally love sharing their love of the Lord through community projects and helping those in need. Our men whole hardheartedly invite you to join them for breakfast. Then explore the possibilities to share your time, talents and gifts!