Lock’n is a great opportunity of fellowship, outreach, mission, and fundraiser. We have blessed to be part of this music festival, Lock’n. It is a time for us to reconnect to do God’s mission in our community.

Betsy’s story

When I saw the brother owners on Saturday, they asked if there was anything they could do for us. That’s when I asked if they would come to the first part of our service to share their perspective from what we do. I told them that we are always asked by kitchen helpers after we deliver food what feedback we heard on our runs. I told them the church really most likely didn’t understand the impact our food had on their workers and what it meant to get “real” food, rather than plain festival type food. I am betting that on many levels we fed those kids and adults better at Lockn than they are at home – from the looks of some of them I doubt they have the ability to provide themselves a proper meal. Many said they ate more at the festival due to our service then they ever do at home.

Betsy is sharing her story about Lock’n.

It was nice for them to come – I just thought Bob, the one who spoke, would come but I was very surprised and pleased when he brought his brother and son. I wish more were in the congregation to hear what they had to say but hopefully those who were there will share.
I heard from several folks during meal preps after Sunday how they really felt like they were doing mission work instead of catering work.
When I last saw the brothers on Monday during lunch delivery, they both hugged me, Bob got all teary-eyed and said he wanted us to do this again next year. His brother said “we DON”T want to lose you.” I finally promised them on Monday that if nothing changed, we would cater them again next year – they were ecstatic. I know I didn’t ask the church if they wanted to again, but God told me (after I thought and prayed over it for several days as this is a tremendous amount of work for me and others) we needed to.

Watch Video – Bob, his brother, and his son

Bob knows we helped a family in need with some extra food, he said “wow, look at the work we are doing together!” I think we have brought him a different perspective on churches, the work churches do, the good that people in churches have – he became emotional several different times when I saw him over the course of last week. We really touched him and his family.
God is good…