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Worship at the Parsonage Back Yard on Sunday at 11:00 AM
Current News
Financial Update/Report  
August Income:    
August 2: $1,230.
August 9: $2,641
August 16: $290.
August 23: $315.
August 30: $1,365.
August Income Total: $5,841.
August Expenses: $10,426.91
Mortgage Balance: $382,150.69
Upcoming Lections:

September 5 [the day before the 14th Sunday After Pentecost/22nd  Sunday in Ordinary Time]

Deuteronomy 26: 10-13a, Psalm 146:1-10, Luke 14:7-14, and Matthew 25:31-40

September 6 [14th Sunday After Pentecost/22nd  Sunday in Ordinary Time]

Exodus 12:1-14, Psalm 122:1, Romans 13:6-10, and John 15:9-17

September 12 [the day before the 15th Sunday After Pentecost/23rdt Sunday in Ordinary Time]

Psalm 25:1-10, Colossians 3:12-17, and Luke 15

September 13 [15th Sunday After Pentecost/23rd  Sunday in Ordinary Time]

Exodus 14:19-31, Psalm 15: 1b, 20-21, Romans 14:1-10, and Matthew 18:21-35



In-Church service:  We are postponing our much-hoped-for move back into the sanctuary.  Between the number of cases continuing to rise and the difficulty in disinfecting the various surfaces, in an abundance of caution we will continue to meet in the backyard of the parsonage at 11 a.m. until further notice.  Watch this space.

UMCOR:  UMCOR {United Methodist Committee On Relief] is asking for any and all help [$$] for the victims of recent weather disasters.  At the Backyard Church this Sunday we discussed it and are suggesting a two-prong effort:  individuals/families are invited or en-couraged to donate what they can and, additionally, we will bring it up at the next Council meeting and see if as a congregation we want to add to whatever is collected.  You may send checks made out to Nelson UMC –but with UMCOR on the memo line!! – to the church address or you may drop off your donation in the narthex.  No deadline is given.   Thanks! 

CHARGE CONFERENCE via Zoom, Wednesday, Oct. 28, 7:30 pm in the Social Hall.

**Phone: 434.222.3394   Email:pastor@nelsonumc.com

Eggs:  Scott Clarkson has generously left many, many [+/- 600] eggs for whoever has use for them [read:  FREE].  In the refrigerator in the Social Hall, bring some sort of box/ basket/ container and help yourself.  If you know a family or someone who can put free eggs to good use, maybe pick up some for them?  Just sayin’ . . . .

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