Sunday school is a place where we learn about God’s love as we hear the stories of the Bible, accept God’s grace, grow in the faith, become part of a Christian community, and answer the call to live a Christian life.
9:45 am


Adult Small Group

In this class, we are a small group who experiences building a life-changing and Christ-centered friendship, read a book and share what we learn in the love of God. Beth Goodwin is the leader.
Our Sunday School class follows the yearly Methodist Lectionary of the United Methodist Church. We study a uniform series of international Bible lessons for Christian teaching.
Room No. 2 located in the South wing

Please come join us!




Sunday School for    
Children and Youth
Teenage Class (Middle/High School)
Our teens connect in classes that are mentored by young minded instructors who engage them in lively conversations based on current movies, news and hot topics. They may take a quick trip to a local fast food restaurant for their Sunday morning class or engage in a hands on mission opportunity to learn the many ways to connect to the Holy Spirit.
Younger Children (1st to 5th grades)
This group has inspiring teachers who engage them in numerous activities to teach them the gospel and to prepare them to go into the mission field.
Preschool (ages 3 to 5)
In this younger class the children are read Bible stories which are reinforced through Bible crafts and games.