Nelson United Methodist Church is the host of the “Whitney Faith Loving CommUNITY Playground.” Whitney Faith Loving had a dream to build a community playground where the children of Nelson County and the surrounding areas could gather and play. Sadly, Whitney passed away shortly after being crowned Miss Nelson in 2015 and wasn’t able to put her plan in motion, but her family made sure that Whitney’s dream would become a reality. Countless hours were put in by Whitney’s family and friends, and the Whitney Faith Loving CommUNITY Playground was finally brought to light in 2018. The best part of it all is Whitney was able to watch it all happen from above. 
“May this playground be filled with the sound of laughter and giggles, friends new and old, sunshine and light, fun and make believe, comfort and love, truth and honesty, hope and kindness, hugs and kisses, and a lifetime of happy memories to treasure. Above all my it be a place where God’s precious children feel the love of God and will grow up to build their lives upon the Lord.”

Equipment partially dismantled


The bag of screws will be very important to reassemble!


Charlie & Rachel Brown’s son helping, his drill is at the ready!


Trucks in position to receive equipment













Playground Shelter Loaded

Come climb in the fire tower!


All paused to learn more about Whitney and the tremendous impact she had in her short life.



Bennett Saunders dismantling playground equipment


Patricia Wright loading the equipment


Slow & Easy does it!


Truck loaded and ready to roll to NUMC

Wayne Wright preparing to tie down the equipment on the trucks


Whitney’s mom helping to put the playground back together!

Scott Clarkson working his magic


Its a good feeling to be making progress. Bennett working quickly


More loading


Slides and equipment loaded


All volunteers represented. We appreciate all of them. The Well members helped also, Dan the Pastor and several others. Most appreciated. We made it safely to NUMC

Big blue, driven by Jay Goodwin, lifts the small pavilion into place.

A beautiful tribute to Whitney ready to be placed back on the pavilion.

Hard working guys right here!