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We all miss socializing and being with our church family,  we are planning more events in the future.
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In Memory of Whitney Faith Loving and her dream
Please click on this link to read the entire wonderful story.
Whitney Faith Loving
Our Church has been gifted playground equipment through The Well. On February 6th, 2021,
Nelson UMC members and The Well members coordinated and worked together in dismantling and putting ALL of the playground equipment and shelters on the trucks that day. Bennett & Lynn Saunders, Wayne & Patricia Wright, Scott Clarkson, & Bill Perry brought their equipment & talents to The Well playground. We had four members helping from the Well.  The Pastor and three others.  If you can send me their names, please.  Workers began arriving at 8:30am and pitched right into the fray.  Quite a few people took pictures, Lori Saunders, Bennett Saunders and more. It was quite a feat to move everything in one day!  No one was hurt in the move; which is the best news of all.  Whitney supervised everything and smiled from above our work. 
Lynn Saunders ordered man-sized pizzas for the hard workers,  and lots to drink, all very appreciated.  
All of the playground equipment was transported via truck to Nelson UMC; we could have used a StarTrek Transporter, “Beam it up, Scottie Clarkson”!.  
Click here to see the pictures!
Work party planned for February 20th at 9:00am at Nelson UMC.  We need to reassemble all of the incredible playground equipment.  All volunteers are welcome!
Nail Biting Video
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