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Worship on Sunday at 11:00 AM
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Bible Study on Sunday at 9:45 AM 
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Current News

FINANCIAL UPDATE/REPORT:  First, to all who have continued their generous habit of giving to the church, “Thank You!!”  And, to just keep everybody up-to-date, the Finance Folks have these numbers to share [and ‘the devil is in the details’ but it will give you a snapshot of where we are financially]:

2020 through the end of May:

Income:  $37,752.27     Expenses:   $48,281.81     Difference:  -$10,529.54

[2019 Income:       $48,563.03]

BUILDING FUND, through the end of May

2020:  $6,780.00    
2019:  $9,660.00             Difference:   -$2,880.00

The upshot is a request to continue giving what you can AFTER taking care of yourselves and your families.  And, as always, “Thank You!!”

Upcoming Events 

Mark Your Calendars [in pencil, for now]:

Fall Festival is currently being discussed. We will share the details as we receive them.
Upcoming Lections:

June 27 [the day before the Fourth Sunday After Pentecost/12th Sunday in Ordinary Time]

Micah 6:6-8, Galatians 3:23-29, and Luke 10:25-37

June 28 [Fourth Sunday After Pentecost/12th Sunday in Ordinary Time]

Genesis 22:1-14, Psalm 13, Romans 6:12-23, and Matthew 10:40-42

July 4 [and the day before the 5th Sunday After Pentecost/13th Sunday in Ordinary Time]

Psalm 27, Galatians 5:1, 13-25, and Luke 17:11-19

July 5 [Fifth Sunday After Pentecost/13th Sunday in Ordinary Time]

Genesis 24:34-38, 42-49, 58-67, Romans 7:15-25a, and Matthew 11:7-19

Note:Canned Ham is NUMC’s item to collect for our Food Pantry for the month of June


When:   Next Sunday, June 28, 11 a.m. and Sundays thereafter, weather permitting

Where:  backyard of the parsonage [57 Harvey Road]

What:    BYOC [Bring Your Own [Lawn]Chair [with the exception of some chairs set up on the concrete patio for folks needing a little ‘extra’ firmness underfoot.

THE DETAILS:  We will meet in the backyard of the parsonage for a worship service that will include communion.  Folks will need to do the following [and these are not our rules so feel free to grumble but they are above all our ‘pay-grades’]:  call/text/email** Pastor Liz to “make a reservation” and also submit the required Health Questionnaire [find one enclosed, fill one out Sunday morning, or link: vaumc.org/return, scroll down to “Health Acknowledgement Form”].  Masks are required/strongly suggested.  If you have little ones they can play on the playground if they get antsy and I won’t be the least bit offended.  There will be no singing or bulletins or hugging other than your immediate family, per best practices at this point.  The offering will consist of a basket with an appropriate label that you can drop your offering in as you come in or feel free to continue to mail it in.  We’ve devised a workable communion system that involves no HazMat suits and will allow us to celebrate in one place together.  The plan is to continue live-streaming the service.  I know this is A LOT.  But we’re trying to find the balance between the ‘good of the many’ and ‘the good of the one’;  a work in progress.     

  **Phone: 434.222.3394   Email:pastor@nelsonumc.com

June 28 Order of Service

Welcome & Announcements

Opening Prayer

Joys & Concerns

Pastoral Prayer

Lections:                        Genesis 22:1-14, Psalm 13, Romans 6:12-23, and Matthew 10:40-42

Sermon                                 “Don’t Tell Your Mother!”


Pastor Office Hours at the Church Monday & Thursday 9am – 11am
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